Save time and get more done with landline texting

Over 150 million texts are sent every day to non-mobile numbers. When your customers text your landline, are you missing the message?

We text enable your existing business phone number

Your customers are already calling your landline, VoIP or toll-free business number. Customer Notifier text enables that existing number so you can simply give customers the option to “text or call” you.


You get access to our powerful texting software and features

Our easy-to-use apps for desktop, web and mobile allow you to text customers from wherever you work. Simply log in, upload your contacts and start texting customers using advanced features and automation tools.


Your texts are sent securely through Customer Notifier’s reliable network ​

Our direct connections with top-tier wireless carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint set us apart from other texting platforms. You can rest easy knowing your company and customer information is sent and stored safely.




Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and increase your team’s productivity with convenient automation tools.



Auto Replies

Key Words


Scheduled Messages

Personalization Build relationships with your customers by adding a personal touch to every text.

Custom Fields


Custom Signatures

Productivity and Organization

Stay organized and communicate with customers effectively.

Group Messaging



Message Feed


Analytics Track and optimize the performance of your text messages with easy-to-read reports.